Why Ethereum Is On the Rise?

Sophia Casey
3 min readMar 30, 2021


Ethereum is the second-largest public Blockchain system by both market capitalization and regular trading volume. Ethereum, a decentralized software platform, is like the building block for multipurpose distributed applications and smart contracts that run without third-party control securely and smoothly. It has already experienced significant development in its young history and continues to grow steadily. In 2020, an aggregate of $ 231 million ‘ether’ got traded on spot exchanges daily. In 2021, that number bounced to $ 2.7 billion. The functionality of Ethereum is extensive.

With its enhanced application, there is a rise in demand from developers for ether, the crypto-fuel for the Ethereum system. As businesses and corporations move towards exploring decentralized ledger technology, more and more work gets done by developers. Ether gets used as a form of payment made by customers to trade on the Ethereum platform for developers. It also acts as an inducement for developers who wish to develop and run applications over the network.

Ethereum is used as the core by companies to generate custom blockchain models. The creation of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance in February 2017 and its subsequent expansion to 116 members has recently formed interest and enthusiasm in the community. Given several benefits, such as security and energy efficiency, Ethereum will move from proof of work to a new consent algorithm under development, called Casper. It means that anyone who owns the main cryptocurrency (ether) can be a validator. Decentralized finance is a concept that focuses on blockchain technology and smart contracts rather than traditional business intermediaries. It also arises from Ethereum’s Tier 2 solutions, technology built on Ethereum that is highly scalable and efficient.

The Blockchain Council consists of a group of experts and professionals dealing with research, development and knowledge. It facilitates an environment and creates a perception among business associations, developers and the community by instructing them in the Blockchain space. An Ethereum Expert training provides the Ethereum certification that proves to be highly useful in intensified career skills. As such, the passion and concern in ‘Ether’ show signs of growing recognition and appreciation of decentralization. Let’s look at the three main reasons for the increasing interest in this rapidly changing market:

Blockchain Technology

There is a global selection and rising interest in blockchain technology. Many companies spend their resources on blockchain projects for building successful teams. Blockchain continues to be a part of the top-five strategic priority.

This acceptance is a broad sign that it has become more trusted among those looking to utilize it for improving their business methods. Ethereum has emerged as the most secured cryptocurrency for these purposes due to its DeFi and scalability credentials.

Institutional Interest

Second, more institutions are getting passionate about the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies. In today’s macroeconomic environment, cryptocurrencies are seen by some as a boundary against possible future inflation.

According to the upcoming market, institutional demand has helped drive the bitcoin markets recently.

A regulated futures market

Finally, institutions that include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios need a reliable place to manage risk with price and liquidity transparency. The launch of the CME Ether futures contract presents institutional investors with a controlled market.

The Ether contract permits participants to invest and access cryptocurrency markets while maintaining any cryptocurrency-related risks.


The introduction of recorded Ether futures might help form a forward curve for Ethereum market members for managing price risk. In the upcoming days, we may see traditional financial institutions such as hedge funds and asset managers enter the ether market alongside funds that are cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the Ether futures contract will be convenient for those protecting their accumulated digital exposure through spot market transactions, mining or lending.

As demand for ether grows, the performance of futures contracts will also increase. Ethereum has formed a substantial, meaningful place in the cryptocurrency market.



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