What Is a Video NFT, and How Does VideoCoin Technology Help?

Blockchain has ushered in a new age of technological advancement. We’ve spoken a lot about technology recently, and its effect on business operations is unparalleled. Among the numerous changes that Blockchain is bringing in, we will be concentrating on NFT, or non-fungible token, and how it is changing the world.

What is NFT, exactly?

What exactly are NFTs and how do they function?

Video NFT is basically proof of ownership for a video. VideoCoin and Filecoin are working together to create a platform for trading video NFTs. NFTs have become the most common product category in the industry, with many people interested in creating and selling digital collectibles.

VideoCoin and FileCoin are partnering to create a safe and stable platform for video NFT storage. In other words, the video NFT platform creates and saves Proof of Ownership. This addresses a major issue for NFT: the inability to generate proof of ownership. With Filecoin, a new form of NFT application with digital collectibles and video origin verification is possible.

The use of Filecoin is justified since it is the world’s largest distributed nsBlockhaon storage network, with 4.6 billion gigabytes of storage space available for NFT collectibles through its global group. 1300 million 1080p high-resolution movie files can be stored on this volume of storage.

This is how VideoCoin, in tandem with FileCoin, is changing the way we exchange knowledge and create currency. One of the most significant benefits of Blockchain is that it has the potential to alter how we think about things. There will be plenty more such developments in the future, and the importance of Blockchain experts in this case cannot be overstated.

So, what’s next?

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