Importance of blockchain training for accountants

Sophia Casey
3 min readJan 27, 2021


If we have to discuss a technology that has impactfully created a change in the market, then we can’t miss Blockchain. It is a universal technology that has positively created disruption for different industries. Different business verticals are reaping the benefits of this system. The role of Blockchain is certainly not limited to business operations; rather, you can find the usefulness of this technology even for the working professionals across the different spectrum of industry. Whether you are working as a human resource person or in the finance sector, Blockchain can be useful.

Conventionally, Blockchain technology’s role is discussed in the perspective of finance because it initially formed the framework for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The context of this blog is to highlight the importance of Blockchain technology for accountants and finance professionals.

Blockchain and its importance for the accountants:

We say that Blockchain is an accounting technology because the DLT allows the transfer of ownership of assets and maintains a ledger with accurate finance data. Blockchain can help in enhancing the transparency of operation and the exchange of financial assets. With the right technological aid, the finance professionals can get to know about the ownership of the assets and history of assets, besides, with the help of Blockchain technology, the work of reconciliation and maintaining the record of financial data. This is eventually going to enhance the efficacy and proficiency of work.

Blockchain can also help the accountant to have clarity on the available resources and obligations of organizations. Another aspect that needs a mention here is the automaton trend like machine learning which is slowly impacting businesses. Blockchain will lead to faster transaction-level accounting, but accountants will not do this. Rather, the accounts will assess the economic interpretation of the records present on the DLT.

Blockchain is the skill of the future, and having expertise in this domain will benefit the accountants. Accountants excel at recordkeeping, business logic and business strategies. They can guide the use of Blockchain technology for enhancing the efficiency of the business. They can help in Blockchain-based solutions.

The journey from theory to practice is a long one, but with the active involvement of accounts in the research work, we can expect the system to become truly efficient and have a seamless Blockchain-based platform that can help the accounts and the finance segment.

The way ahead

Blockchain has created a great impact on how the business operates and how things function, and in the time to come, we are going to witness growth in the same. To make things easier, working professionals and even the freshers are now opting for Blockchain certification courses. With this, one gets to know about theoretical and practical learning, which will eventually give the career a right boost. Blockchain Council is providing Blockchain certification in finance that is going to be beneficial for those who hail from a finance background and want to upskill themselves to become an expert in this domain. Connect with the Blockchain Council today for more information.



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