5 applications for Blockchain in your business

2009 to 2021, the journey of Blockchain has been overwhelming, from its meagre start as the underlying technology for Bitcoin exchange to becoming one of the leading technologies that started impacting every business niche. Blockchain has become an emerging technology that most companies eye as the panacea.

Digitization brought in a revolutionary change in the market; the growing dependency on digital platforms also made it easy for the data hackers to reap the benefit of the bottlenecks of the conventional system and penetrate it. Since all our information lies open in the system, it becomes easier for hackers to penetrate the system and attack the information. Since data is driving most of the businesses, the hackers are actively harping on this data, thereby leading to a growing demand for a far more secured system. The following section highlights how Blockchain will help your business.

5 applications of Blockchain:

1. Creates a transparent system- The first benefit of Blockchain for any business is that it helps create a transparent system that is far more effective and efficient. Since all the people in the Blockchain network can easily access all the information in the system, this transparency helps enhance the transparency of the businesses. At the same time, Blockchain developers have come up with a private Blockchain that is far more secure than the public Blockchain.

2. Data security- The next benefit of Blockchain is that it helps in enhancing data security. Since all the information is encrypted cryptographically on the DLT, it secures the data.

3. Smart contracts- The next application of Blockchain is smart contracts. These are automated contracts that get executed once the conditions of contracts are met. Smart contracts find application across the different industrial segments like real estate, finance, and ore.

4. Supply chain management- One of the key applications of Blockchain is in supply chain management and logistics management. Despite being the core of industries, both these segments are unorganized. A lot of work still depends on paper that adds up to work, and slows down the system. With the intervention of Blockchain, tracing and tracking of data becomes easier; this will eventually make the system far more effective and efficient.

5. Improved data-keeping- Blockchain is the safest place to store data. Not only does it encrypt each piece of information, but at the same time, the information becomes easily accessible. Thus accessing the information becomes easier.

These are the basic five uses of Blockchain for businesses; in the times to come, we are going to witness more such uses. With the help of Blockchain, companies are aiming to make the network far more secured. Ut would need the assistance and skills of trained and qualified Blockchain professionals. If you are also looking forward to becoming a blockchain expert, this is the right time to start the Blockchain certification program by the Blockchain Council. This certified program entails all the details of Blockchain and its application. For more information, connect with the Blockchain Council today.



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Sophia Casey


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